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Just ordered 5 of the Valentino Flush Mount Systems just released today! Can't wait to install them in my new salon
Justine (USA)

Love, love, love my Valentino! Waited one year for it to come overseas, well worth the wait!
Christine Lau (South Korea)

Thanks to the Valentino Beauty Pure I am breathing much better now. Your product definitely helps me thank you, thank you, thank you!
Katlin (Ireland)

Thank you Valentino for shipping me. My clients love it and I am making more tips now because of this wonderful invention!
- Janis Stuben (Berlin, Germany)

Thank you, I love my Valentino Beauty Pure and highly recommend it to anyone in the nail industry. If you are wondering if it works, it does!
- Tammy

Thank you - No dust in my ears, eyes and throat! I'm very happy.
- Houng Tran - Quebec Canada

Just letting you know the Valentino Beauty Pure has helped me to sit up straight, my posture is better. No more pains, thank you
- Catherine Nguyen

Thank you Valentino Company was going to leave the business, your machine has helped me. Thank you also for great customer service.
- Linda Nguyen

Yesterday, for the very first time - thanks to my VBP, I didn't have migraine after work! This unit is nothing less than AMAZING(!) and the amount of dust on my table wasn't even a fraction of what I used to have. I'm in love! Thanks a million, from a very-very happy customer.
- Christine A. Ludvigsen (Famous Nails, Norway)

Was very pleased to meet the Valentino Team at NailPro Sacramento. I purchased my own Valentino there and my clients are all thrilled they don't have to leave with dust on them! I have a high end clientele and they love the new addition to my salon they tell me finally somebody cares about the customers. Need I say, my tips have increased lol!
- Beverly Beck (Bal Harbour, Florida)

David and Victoria: For the first time in 7 years I did not go home with gel dust all over my clothes after a day at work! I am SO PLEASED and DELIGHTED with my new Valentino....I really couldn't be happier :-) It was such a pleasure to meet you both at the show and experience in person your commitment and excitement in what you've developed....it's contagious!! I left the show feeling good, ...knowing that I had invested in my own health and well-being with a quality product that will enable me to continue doing what I love -- NAILS -- for a long time to come. Of course winning the special blinged out for Breast Cancer Awareness Valentino was icing on the cake -- and it is the showcase at our Salon right now!! I'm just tickled down to my toes that I am now the proud owner of a Valentino Beauty Pure. Thank you again for everything :-)
-Kristi Bell (California)

Was very happy to meet the Valentino Beauty Pure team at NailPro Sacramento. It truly works, my clients are thrilled!
- Vanessa

Valentino Beauty Pure my customers are very happy, no dust! I say good-bye to my mask!
- Christine Linh (California)

Thanks Valentino Beauty Pure - my asthma is much better now. Before my Valentino I would have to stop for 10 minutes in between my customers. I suffer from the dust, but not anymore!
- Vicki Jones

To all my nail tech friends..if you have been working without a Valentino Beauty Pure......STOP! Everyone should have one! It is the best machine out there! Not only does it make the air cleaner, it helps stabilize your hands while using your drill!
- Deb

I've had my Valentino for about 2 weeks now. I have a Silver unit, and it has changed my entire flow. Where's the ♥ button?!? This thing REALLY sucks the dust, you hear me? It's *safe* for my clients to wear 'black' again....(all smiles)
-Joy McCray

The Best Air filtration machine out there and remarkable customer service!
I got Valentino Beauty Pure unit for me / from me on my birthday in February.! The best gift ever- well spent money! No more piles of dust on the paper towels, on my clothes, on my face AND in my lungs. I used to avoid putting lip-gloss on my lips before I get to the salon, because after one acrylic nail fill-in I could feel a lot of dust stuck on my lips... that's disgusting and so unhealthy! And after I got my VBP unit, I have no more these problems and my clients are happier, very appreciative for a dust free, odor reduced air! My work place looks very professional and clean!
- Edita

Great product, great customer service!
- Kim Lee (PA)

Thank you Valentino. I like the product very much. I will recommend to all my friends.
- Kathy Nguyen (Quebec)

I just had to write and give you a BIG Thank You!!!!  I have the Valentino Beauty Pure & it has changed my "salon life".  I work in a Full Service Salon & Spa and every time I do artificial nails my co-workers complain about the smell.  Now that I have my Valentino they think I have stopped doing artificial enhancements!!!  I am also LOVING the fact that I am no longer having to dust my walls every other day.  My clients also like the Valentino and all it does.  Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL product & your great company!!!
- All my many thanks, Geneva Holcomb

"I like my Valentino, very good."
- Jimmy Nguyen (Chicago)

"I love my Valentino Beauty Pure II. I love the speed control for the fan as I use my Valentino's at all 8 nail stations!"
- Christine Tran

"I really do love my Beauty Pure. I had been on the market for a solution to airborne dust for a long time. I was attracted to the Valentino because it pulls dust away from my breathing zone. I use it for a variety of services, acrylic and gel fills, and gel polish maintenance. An unexpected benefit is that it helps me work faster and more accurately because the nail is clean and free of dust at all times. This allows me to use less product, and spend less time cleaning. My clients are also impressed that I care enough to give them a clean environment to work in. It sets me apart from the competition."

- Jesse


"I have had my Valentino Beauty Pure for a week now and it has sure made a huge difference!! I love the fact that I no longer have dust flying all over the place, unlike the last system I used I had to wipe up the whole desk area after each client including under the lamps because it blew particles everywhere, and not only that it ended up on my client's clothing, but my clothing and the chairs also. My clients and I can breathe easy now "Thank you for the wonderful product. I will definitely recommend it to fellow tech's it is well worth it just like David said!!!"

- Bobbi


"Received my Valentino dust collector yesterday...I was very skeptical, I have tried several units and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! I'm very happy and very satisfied!!! Sooooo glad I gave it a try!!! My black smock wasn't even covered in dust! Thanks a million Valentino!!"



"Wonderful device...nicest customer service ever. I will recommend to friends. The Valentino helps to reduce migraine headaches from fumes and less debris in the general workstation... love it!"

- Cassy


"I don't know how I ever did nails before I invested in my Valentino Beauty Pure. My customers love it and I can now be healthy in the beauty industry without a mask, harmful odors, or germs!"

- Lauren (Nail Technician)


"I am a hairdresser in a salon that does nails. I could not stand the smell of all the chemicals that were spread through the whole salon. I would go home at night with migraines and even more recently noticed I was having trouble breathing. I noticed an ad in NailPro and brought it up to my salon owner who thought the Valentino Beauty Pure would be a great product to try. We purchased one unit and intend on filling our nail stations with the Valentino Beauty Pure. The smell from all the chemicals doesn't reach my hair station and I know I can go to work everyday being in the healthy environment I deserve!"

- Antonio (Hairdresser)


"I love my Valentino Beauty Pure. We only have two nail stations in the salon I work at and I decided to try the Valentino Beauty Pure. I use mostly gels so decided to purchase the product because it said it takes care of the nail dust. Needless to say the product works great and my co-worker is going to be purchasing a Valentino for her nail station. I highly recommend this product."

- Jasmine (Nail Technician)


"I have been a spa owner in southern California for the last 10 years. Sometimes I have decided to go home and do my business' book work as my office is very close to the nails stations and the smell of the acrylic was causing eye irritation and prevented me from being in my own business at times. I was not aware of any kind of product that could take away the acrylic smell until I was browsing the internet one day and came across the Valentino Beauty Pure. I purchased 3 units for our nails stations after speaking to a very friendly sales representative at Valentino Beauty Pure who also informed me that the product doesn't only work for the "odors" as the term they like to use, but also works great for eliminating the dust which they said was the more likely thing that was causing my eye irritation. I am so happy in my investment I can't even walk into my friend's salons after knowing how clean and healthy a salon CAN be."

- Mary (Salon Owner)


"I can't say much more than the Valentino Beauty Pure works as advertised!"

- Michael


"I was almost about to stop using acrylics and just switch to my gel nails when I found the Valentino Beauty Pure. I can now meet my customers' needs whether they want acrylic or gel nails done. The Valentino Beauty Pure has increased my business and my customers love it!"

- Sharon (Nail Technician)


"I own a salon in Florida and almost had to turn away all of my nail business due to a complaint from the complex my business is in. I had tried a different product, but it was not removing the smell as I thought it would. I then found the Valentino Beauty Pure and can honestly say it saved my nail business due to the fact that no more complaints were coming up. Thank you Valentino Beauty Pure!"

- Jessica (Salon Owner)


"About a month ago I had a full set of gel nails done at Hackensack University Medical Center in the Beyond Spa. The nail technician asked me to place my hand on top of the Valentino and I was amazed. What a pleasure it was not having dust flying in my face!"

- A Happy Customer


"Not only does my Valentino Beauty Pure work great, but the staff at Valentino Beauty Pure had to be some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. They were very friendly, professional, and offered me great customer support!"

- Le' (Nail Technician)








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