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Exposure to nail dust, first brought up to the beauty industry in the 1970’s, was listed as an occupational hazard to anyone working in a salon that does nail work especially the nail technicians whom are the closest to these chemicals. Since then there have been numerous complaints regarding airborne nail dust exposure and studies have been done to determine symptoms of some of these health problems on nail technicians.  Some issues regarding workers whom handle hand and foot care procedures become prone to sensitivity to nail dust and can lead to deposits in the conjunctiva, nose, and throughout the respiratory system. This can lead to conjunctivitis, itching, tearing, rhinitis, asthmatic attacks, sneezing, bronchitis, coughing, and migraines.

Exposure to nail dust and the chemicals used in the industry can lead to irreversible allergic reactions in one’s breathing because of damage done to a person’s respiratory system. These symptoms do not show immediately, but can sometimes take months or even years to show up. The main health issue a nail technician is prone to is hypersensitivity reactions and are the most probable way to end up seeing a healthcare professional to have to treat these problems.

The Valentino Beauty Pure Air Filtration unit takes care of not only the odors in the beauty business, but also the airborne chemicals and germs at the source that lead to these health issues. The reason Valentino Beauty Pure Air Filtration made the unit “at the source” is first and foremost that it is cost effective and also because you would need a jet engine to remove all the dust and odor from a salon. By the time odors and dust would go from the nail station to the ceiling air filtration you will have already inhaled the harmful dust.

This is what the Valentino Beauty Pure can do for you, the nail technician, or the salon or spa as a whole. ** Remember that the Valentino Beauty Pure sits atop a nail technician’s work space and eliminates airborne dust, germs, and odors at the source due to its activated charcoal filter specially treated with an eco-friendly antimicrobial coating. The Valentino Beauty Pure, is lightweight and can be used anywhere easily if it needs to be transported. The Valentino Beauty Pure is built out of stainless steel, utilizes high quality paint, is doubled powder coated, and has a high quality high CFM fan with variable speed control to set at your desired level.









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