Valentino Beauty Pure Nail Dust and Odor Ruining Your Day?

Valentino How To

Celebrity Nail Artist, Naja Rickette, gives her personal review of our Valentino Beauty Pure GEN III S tabletop source capture system. The system is designed to collect nail dust and acrylic odor.

VBP Social Media

This video demonstrates the amount of dust collected by our nail dust collectors after only one client!

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Valentino Beauty Pure GEN III S Tabeltop source capture nail dust and acrylic collector

The GEN III S is Valentino Beauty Pure's latest tabletop source capture system. It captures nail dust and acrylic odor at the source where the Technician works on their client. It contains a powerful fan, adjustable fan speed control, stainless steel 5" X 6" V-Grate, painted in white with our Valentino Beauty Pure logo.

Flush Mount XL

Valentino Beauty Pure Flush Mount XL Table Insertion source capture system nail dust and acrylic odor collector

The Valentino Beauty Pure Flush Mount XL is our model designed to be easily installed into any Technicain's table. It provides the same powerful fan as our GEN III S tabletop model, variable speed control and a 5.75" X 8" V-Grate.